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Since 2003, Big Branding has been at the forefront of delivering professional uniform solutions to Australian businesses, ensuring reliability at wholesale prices. Our commitment to custom branding is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about providing a hassle-free service that uplifts your team’s image efficiently and affordably.

We pride ourselves on redefining uniform provisioning by streamlining complexity and guaranteeing consistent quality. At Big Branding, excellence in service is paramount, underpinned by exceptional communication. Partner with us for a cost-effective, seamless experience that champions the essence of your brand with every uniform.

Starting from scratch? Our in-house design team has you covered. Lay your brand’s foundations with experts who’ll craft a logo and uniform guide tailored just for you. Crafting a visual brand that embodies your essence and strikes a chord with your audience, we ensure every detail is unmistakably “you”. With Big Branding, it’s more than just a logo – it’s the beginning of your brand’s journey. Ready to begin?

Seeking a bold, clear message on your uniforms? Screen printing is the way to go. Perfect for permeable fabrics, this technique embeds ink into the weave, ensuring a sharp and vibrant finish. While it’s a popular choice, not every fabric or logo is suitable for screen printing.

Don’t leave it to guesswork; let Big Branding guide you. Whether it’s a one-colour design or more intricate branding, we’ll ensure your message stands out. Unsure if it’s right for you? Reach out and let our Brand Management team steer you in the right direction.

Looking for a versatile and professional touch to your uniforms? Embroidery is the answer. Adaptable to a myriad of fabrics, it allows for easy colour modifications and caters to both small and large orders. Thanks to our fleet of over 1500 modern embroidery machines, we can efficiently handle volume quantities right here in our local facilities.

It’s more than just stitches; it’s a statement of professionalism. And with volume discounts for larger orders, quality never compromises cost. Not certain if it’s the right fit? Our Brand Management team is always here to guide you. You can read more about our embroidery solutions here.

Seeking a modern printing solution that’s ideal for smaller orders or multicoloured designs? Enter Digital Print. This method prints directly onto a film, which is heat-transferred to the garment, resulting in a soft finish reminiscent of traditional screen prints.

Digital Print streamlines production with a one-time setup cost, eliminating the need for multiple screens for different colours, unlike screen printing which is typically more cost-effective for larger volumes.

Digital Print not only boasts a rich colour palette but also durability, with an average lifespan of around 50 washes. Perfect for workwear that faces regular laundering, it combines convenience with lasting quality. Unsure if it’s the best choice? We’re always here to offer insights.

Need a vibrant, durable design for smaller orders or tricky garment areas? Vinyl printing is your go-to. This method cuts a pre-coloured film into the desired design, which is then heat-transferred onto the garment. It’s perfect for single-colour projects, especially for unique surfaces like trucker hats that might not suit screen printing or embroidery.

While vinyl boasts brilliant, long-lasting colours that stand the test of time, its colour range can be limited. So, while it’s adept at making a bold statement, for precise colour matching, it’s best to consult our professionals. Ready to turn heads with striking visuals? We’ve got the expertise.

Check out the vinyl colour chart here.

Want your brand to shine even on weekends? Our Weekend Wear service has got you covered. Invest in custom t-shirts and hoodies that effortlessly meld your business identity with the trendsetting aesthetics of street brands. Whether you’re after surfy vibes, trucker motifs, or classic rock and roll prints, we bring your vision to life.

Collaborate with our skilled designers to infuse your brand’s ethos into off-duty apparel. Our designs ensure that your brand’s narrative is seamlessly woven into casual yet striking apparel, ideal for making a statement beyond business hours.

Thinking big? Indent ordering is tailored just for that. Discover cost-effective, custom-made garments, from caps and beanies to polos and jackets.

While initial orders can take their time, between 9-12 weeks, repeat orders speed up to a swift 10-15 working days. But remember, while the savings are significant for larger orders, meticulous planning and design precision are key. With careful planning and our professional touch, your custom garments will mirror your vision and arrive punctually. Think bespoke, think volume, think Indent.

Seeking that extra dimension in your branding? 3D embroidery elevates your design, literally. By integrating foam beneath the embroidery thread, we achieve a bold three-dimensional effect. It’s ideal for caps, but can also be applied to a variety of garments for that impactful touch.

While this technique demands a bit more investment than standard embroidery, the payoff is in the standout appeal it brings. Simpler designs with limited colours shine brightest in 3D. Not every design fits the bill for 3D, but our professional team is on hand to advise and ensure your branding stands out. Elevate your brand, go 3D.

Looking for a detailed touch that pops? Woven badges are the way to go. These fabric patches capture the finest details, giving your brand a polished edge. Perfect for caps, but versatile enough for other outfits, they’re crafted by weaving your unique design onto fabric. The patch is then securely fixed to your garment through heat or stitching.

Opting for stitching offers that extra durability, but whichever method you choose, woven badges are all about adding that special touch. It’s a fun and stylish way to tell your brand’s story, ensuring it’s both seen and remembered. Make your mark with woven.

Joshua Tulloch
“Metal Josh”
Founder & Brand Director
John Elliot
Brand Manager
Steven Lane
“Patina Steve”
Production & Brand Manager
“The Legend Kelpie”
Public Relations & Soccer Champion

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