The Business Image Group offers professional & convenient Graphic Design services.

Every organisation benefits from having a smart & practical logo suite to work from.
In order to achieve the brand development and marketing objectives with consistency & without problems,
a logo & style guide can not be over-looked.
It’s simple stuff really.

We provide a thorough service from creating original logos that meet all the future demands for your organisation
or you may just need us to simply work with your current identity to
bring it up to a more manageable state.

All logos should be designed in Illustrator or similar software.
Vector art files are invaluable to your organisation.

Our in-house graphic design team are ready to work for you!

Bitmap files are not ideal for outsourced brand & marketing projects.
Bitmap files should only be used for internal needs, such as document creation,
electronic impressions and any place where the output needs are not high quality.

Ask us today for a Logo Suite & Style Guide service.
and make your brand development & marketing objectives
cost effective & your business-life easier.