We offer a range of hard hats designed to meet the safety requirements of various industries across Australia. If you are unsure if the hard hat you require meets your requirements, give us a call to discuss it in more detail.
Definitely! Give us a call and we can organise a bulk order delivered directly to your site, even with personalised branding on it!
The features you should look for when selecting a hard hat is durability, comfort and compliance with safety regulations.
The most common service life guideline states that hard hat shells need to be replaced after no more than two years of regular use or five years from the date of manufacture—whichever comes first. The life for suspensions is shorter, with replacement needed after no more than twelve months
We do offer some level of customisable options for hard hats including adding logos or branding to hard hats, which provides a personalised touch for businesses. Reach out to discuss your requirements.
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